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Sunday, December 4, 2011

An Unexpected Weekend

For some reason stars weren't aligning for me this weekend, and nothing seemed to happen as I had expected...

About six months ago a dear friend and I planned a girls weekend to the big NYC, this weekend included good company, good food, and lot's of fun.  You can read all about my dear friend Britt over at her blog The Village Press and you'll know why a weekend in her company would be a guaranteed good time :)

However...practical, responsible things came up, like having to put new tires on my car at the same time as having it serviced before the dreaded snow season.  All of which I wouldn't have done at any other place than my family's dealership in CT.   My weekend plans in the city quickly turned into a trip of a more practical nature.  I spent many hours trying to figure out how to make it all work, get my car serviced and still get my much needed girls weekend away, but the logistics just weren't there.

So, while I was in the car driving, Britt was here...

Purl Soho... a dream destination of mine!! all the yarn, fabric, and crafting supplies any person could ever need!!

I was bummed not to be with Britt in the city, but Bea and got to take an amazing trip to the aquarium and spend some great time with family...


While it wasn't the girls weekend in the city I was expecting, it was a great few days and I feel lucky to be able to spend them with family.  I guess the stars aligned, just not in the way I was expecting them to.  At the same time I am not giving up on a girls weekend, one day soon, real soon, this Mom/Wife/Blogger/Sewer/Shop Owner/Waitress will get a weekend just for the girls :)

1 comment:

Brittany said...

You better believe we will plan our trip again!!

A. brought you something **small from Purl so don't feel too bad ;-)
B. Beatrice looks so stinking cute in Gabi's red pants and standing on that bubble!
C. Let's plan a girls night here in VT and you can drive with your spiffy new tires!! Win Win!