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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Picking"...and we're not talking about your nose

Way before hit TV shows like "Antique's Roadshow", "American Pickers" and "Cash and Cari" made "picking" a common household term, my Mom and I were picking all over New England in search of deals on vintage and antique items.  In fact, even way before I was born, my Mom's Mom (aka Grandma) was up to her elbows in "junk" at garage sales, flea markets and antique shows.  Yes, Picking is a great American past time that has been around for generations, and I am glad to share in the sport.  There are many types of pickers, those picking for pottery, art, furniture, glassware and even marbles!  Why do I pick?  well, aside for the love of filling my home with my finds, there is something about the excitement of hunting for a deal and never knowing what you're going to find.  My Mom and I have turned our love of picking into our Antique shop in Shelburne VT, "Brianne's" and now a space at an Antique Co-op in Stamford CT called Hiden Galleries.  If you are a first time picker or have been at it for years, be sure to come visit us on your search of a deal!!

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