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Sunday, August 14, 2011

A change is in the air...

For almost four years now I have been juggling a corporate 9-5 job and my Antique shop at the same time.  Working at a desk Monday through Friday and  in my shop on the Weekends.  I just recently made the decision to give up the corporate job and spend my time focusing on my Antique shop.  During my last week of work, I came across this article in the local paper...

SPANX founder Sara Blakely began her body-shaping hosiery company while working full time selling fax machines. Her route to success: manageable moonlighting. Blakely, then 27, kept her day job, but hunkered down to create a figure-flattering product, get a patent and research hosiery manufacturers.
By Robert Deutsch, USA TODAY
Blakely spent two years doing double duty as both a loyal employee and an intrepid entrepreneur. During the day, she sold fax machines for the firm Danka. On nights, weekends and during lunch breaks, she took steps to launch the Spanx body-shaping hosiery business.
She wrote her own patent and persuaded an attorney to give her a discount on filing the claim. In 1998, she received a patent for “footless, body-shaping pantyhose.” She thought of the name Spanx, and trademarked it online.
Today Spanx has more than 100 employees and products such as underwear, active wear, swimwear, pants and skirts. The garb is sold in more than 10,000 retail stores domestically and in 35 countries. Its latest expansion: Spanx-shapewear for body-conscious men.

After reading this, the difficult decision to leave my stable, steady job with full benefits was confirmed as the right one, instantly.  While I don't expect to be the next founder of a multi million dollar company, it made me realize I am on the right path. 

So, with that being said, you should fully expect more frequent blog posts documenting my journey to success.  There is some good stuff to come, I promise!!!

1 comment:

Brittany said...

A great decision! Wishing you all the happiness being home with the little one and the shop!