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Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July, all American Style!

For the first time in MONTHS my family and I had three consecutive days off from work, daycare and our busy shops this 4th of July wekend.  Matthew closed his shop, I closed mine and was off from my office job AND Bea was home with us from Daycare.  So in honor of a true family weekend, of course I had to incorporate a fun craft to celebrate our time spent together.  What would be better than coordinating outfits!!

I wasn't sure what our plans were, I was hesitant to carve anything in stone as it isn't everyday that we all get to spend our days together.  However,  I knew there would be an occasion or two to debut these outfits, even if it was only in our own backyard.  We did end up at a BBQ and got some much needed boat time in, both which served as perfect events to show off our ensembles.  Both Baby Bea and Matthew wore their home made crafts with pride and surely turned some heads.

The dresses were so simple, just a few yards of fabric and a great elastic thread sewing technique for the gathered tops!  Matthew's bandana was a last minute addition that pulled it all together.  Check out the free dress pattern at Heather Ross' great blog

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