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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Measure once, lift twice... Right?

My antique shop here in Vermont has some wonderful people walk through its doors, however about a month ago a truly exceptional person came in... Staci!!

Staci has what sounds like an amazing home in Woodstock and is adding treasures to it's decor.  The first visit into our shop Staci fell in love with a great blue painted dresser that is full of character.  Truly a great piece and I was a little sad to see it go.  HOWEVER, what I learened about Staci is that she shares some of the same interests that I do...  Staci has lots of dogs like I do, loves chickens almost as much as me, and has a passion for knitting, sewing and any other sort of craft, just as I do too.  DONE the dresser has it's new home!!

One problem, how is this dresser going to get to it's new home?!  Staci leads a hectic life which involves a lot of travel, and most of the time her wonderful dogs took up all of the real estate in the back of her car.  After a few attempts to pickup, this past Monday Staci was in the area with no dogs.  SCORE!  the dresser finally has a way to get home, now if only we could fit it in the car??

Staci like me, is probably on the smaller side of the spectrum, yet that didn't stop us from getting this heavier than life dresser into the back of the car...

One, two, three, lift! Oh wait, I thought we were going this way?!  Oh Wait the dresser is on my hand, oh wait the dresser is falling, oh wait the dresser lost it's leg?!

Finally, after removing a seat, the dresser made it into the car.  The only casualty... a lost leg, nothing a few nails can't fix.

Staci, I hope you are enjoying the new dresser and we hope to see you soon for some more adventures!!


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Oh man, this post reminded me of when me and my husband sold our entertainment center to another couple. They measured their van wrong and it was such an ordeal! AHH you had to be there. Long story

staci said...

well the blue dresser made it to it's new home !!! And she looks fantastic.
We fixed her up and put her poor little leg back on and now she is strong and proud as ever.. As my husband and I sat Ms. blue dresser in her spot my husband said.." that dresser is heavy!!! it must be made out of some special wood.. cypress or something" too funny for me. Yes.. i think blue dresser is special too!!
Thank you Bri for helping me get her in the back of my car and on to her new home! and yes she is heavy!!