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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Classic Valentine's Day...

 We kept things pretty traditional for Valentine's Day this year... flowers, sweets and little heart shaped cards.  I figured why re-invent the wheel, right? :)

 Clearly Matthew had the same mantra that I did, here are the wonderful flowers he had delivered to the house for Bea and I...

 The great part about these flowers is that they came from the BEST florist in the world... In Full Bloom.  They are neighbors of ours and did the flowers for our wedding. The owners are amazing and beautiful just like the flower arrangements they create :) 

Even though Matthew is diabetic, everyone deserves a treat once in a while :) Valentines Day is a good excuse for that.  I made his favorite cookies, with a Valentines day spin...

 I put them in jars I decorated with scrap fabrics and ribbon.  An emergency stash if you will :)

 Lastly, it was time to make cards for all of Bea's little friends in her class.  I used some card stock and scrap fabric, pleated the strips of fabric and hot glued between two hearts cut out of the card stock...

 Matthew helped stamp the names on them and fix my mistakes :) then we decorated with stickers! This all happened about 10pm last night, talk about 11th hour!!

Simple and sweet, just the way I like to celebrate this Holiday! 


1 comment:

Brittany :: said...

Love those In Full Bloom flowers, you lucky girls!!

You Valentine's came out just PERFECT!!

Happy V day!