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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Blanket with a lot of History

The Hudson Bay Company started making its infamous "point" blanket as early as 1780, when it was introduced into the fur trade.  These heavy wool blankets were given a point system to differentiate the weight and size, which was identified by the indigo lines woven into the side of the blanket.  These awesome blankets are woven 50% larger than the final size and felted to create their great thickness and quality.

Something that was created so long ago out of necessity and pure functionality is now being used to decorate homes all across the country.  

This trademark blanket has created quite the following of collectors, and a popular item at Antique shows and shops all over.

The blankets come in all different sizes and colors, and are even still being made today.  Don't be fooled, there were many other manufacturers out there making these popular blankets, but look for the "Hudson Bay" label to confirm the maker.

We have been keeping our eyes open as we travel around to bring some of these blankets into our shop, and think they are a perfect item to take home with the Fall weather just around the corner!!


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