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Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Brimfield Flood of 2011

I feel as though I should make bumper stickers or T-shirts reading "WE SURVIVED THE BRIMFIELD FLOOD OF 2011"...

There is an understanding about Brimfield, and it is that the show will take place in rain or shine.  I have been to many shows in the rain, but this year for the first time there was an exception.  On Thursday morning fields did not open due to flooding, and I serisouly thought I needed to start collecting animals two by two!!

We had to make a decision, stay and risk our beautiful items getting damaged, or stick it out and HOPE that the rain would stop...

We decided to stick it out, despite some protesting.  We overcame the protesting with fruit snacks, Booty, and most importantly, Bea's very own TV (which she refers to as "EB")

The rain did finally stop, and much to our disbelief, on Friday, the Sun came out!!! Dealers were able to poke their heads out from under their tents and dry off. 

All in all, I consider the trip a success, and give Bea the biggest Gold star for sticking it out with my Mom and I.  Third generation Brimfielder in the works!!

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