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Friday, September 16, 2011

Who knew, Chicks can come in the mail?!

After an usuccessful attempt to purchase a White Silkie Bantam chicken at this years Champlain Valley Fair, I knew I had to find another way to get my hands on these adorable Chickens!  They are miniature chickens, covered in white fluff, including their feet and legs, the photo below says it all...

For those who didn't know, you can actually purchase chickens through the mail!! each chicken is about $3, sounds simpe, right?  Not with these gals, you generally have to buy a minimum of 25 and they can't tell you if you will get males or females.  More than one rooster in the hen house DOES NOT work.  That wasn't going to stop my need for some of these cuties, so I found a source that would ship 15, and a friend to split the order.  Now I just had to convince my husband that he would help find homes or "take care" of the ones that turn out to be roosters.  I showed him the picture above and that was all that was needed.  

So! I placed the order on a Monday and the chicks arrived the following Wednesday.  I recieved a phone call from the Shelburne Post office at 7am to come and pick up my live chicks.  Bea and I got dressed as quickly as possible and headed up the road to get our hands on these cuties!

Bea wanted to open the box immediately and was peeking in all the holes to see what could possibly be making all that noise.  On the way home, she had a terrible melt down because she wanted to hold the box in HER lap!

We opened the box right when we got out of the car, and found that all had survived the long trip, including the one extra sent in case of a loss.  Now we have 16!!


We set them up in their home with food, water and their warming lamp.  Within minutes they were all in a pile sleeping.  It's a long trip coming from Pennsylvania!

Now they get to hang with Bea and I during the day and help us get our work done, including all of that laundry in the backround!

Soon they will be all grown up, and in a few months laying miniature eggs that are almost as cute as they are.  

"Vintage Chic" living at it's finest!!

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