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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Vintage Chic ladies are hitting the road...

Everyone in my family brings a different talent to the table which makes me grateful that they are my family.  My Mom can decorate like no ones business, my husband can create jewelry like I have never seen before, and my Dad has an amazing ability to find anything vehicle related at an amazing price just when we need it most...

Hence this trailer (photo is likeness only) which will allow my Mom and I to hit the road in search of treasures all across the country.  My Dad called me just the other day with a trailer that met all of our needs, and was the perfect price!  Without hesitation we scooped it up and now just have to plan our next excursion.  Of course there are already plans in place to enhance it's exterior appearnce with fabulous decor :)

One might ask, are my Mother and I versed enough to pull a rig like this?  the answer is probably not, but our motto is to always drive forward and avoid reverse in all possible situations!  I am sure some good old fashioned practice will help, in the mean time we will flash some smiles and bat our eyes if we ever get in a situation where a helping hand is needed :)

Next trip on the agenda?  I have my eyes on Texas and California, we will keep you posted :)

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