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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Long Way From Home

As I am writing this, my Mom is still driving the long road home from Texas!  She packed up a selection of items from our shop a couple weeks ago and headed south with a fellow antiquer for one of the largest shows in the country.  The destination... Round Top Texas, population 90...

This was our first adventure to the big state of Texas, and like I have always heard, everything is really bigger in Texas!

This larger than life flamingo wasn't a purchase, but just proof that what they say is true :)

It was a long, grueling week for Mom... lots of heat and camping on the field, however the sunrise from the back of the truck wasn't so bad...

In addition to the experience of Texas, there were lots of great items to be found, like this burlap chandelier...

Stay tuned to see what items made it back to Vermont, and come visit us at our Shop - opening for the season this weekend!!


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