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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

One for the books...

This morning started out like any other morning, Bea calling for me from her room.  Except when I went in I found her out of her crib next to the basket of diapers/wipes and other diaper changing supplies, like A&D ointment.  Apparently this was the same place Matthew found her the previous night while I was at a friends house for a little girl time.  Bea is all about doing thing herself these days, including washing her hair.  I guess she figured she needed a little shine because she squeezed almost an entire tube of A&D into her hair?! 

 Matthew rushed her to the bath, washed her hair and put her back to bed.  IF ONLY it were that easy to get A&D ointment out of hair.  Her hair was like an oil spill!

She thought it was pretty cool that she could put her hair in a pony, without an elastic :)

I did what any Mom would do, called my Mother, who suggested Dawn dish soap - it cuts grease on dishes and poor animals being saved from an oil spill!  

So we got in the sink and washed, and washed, and washed...

We of course used appropriate eye protection to prevent any burning.  But the Dawn soap just didn't put a dent in the "waterproofness" of A&D...

Her hair is completely "dry" in this photo.  According to my research online apparently this has happened to parents before and it is going to take about a week before it works itself out.  So, after five baths and hair washes in the past 12 hours I have given up, you win A&D!!  Bea will have to go with a slicked look for a while, but it doesn't seem like she minds :)

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